How Coffee Powers the World: A Reflection on the Black Beverage

Coffee: The Ultimate Creative Partner

I had this weird moment this morning staring into the depths of my black Americano thinking how many trillions upon trillions of dollars have been generated off the back of this one beverage.

All of your favorite brands. Built off coffee to a great extent.

Apple. LV. Whole Foods. Google. SpaceX.

American cities.

NYC. Chicago. LA. Miami.



Sleepless nights with coffee.

Afternoon inspiration with coffee.

Coffee fueled renaissance.

Epiphany. Eureka.

Pretty much everything around you – created by a person or group of people with the help of this one black beverage.

It represents salvation – self-reliance delivering you to capitalistic success. Giving you what you need to work hard and take care of your family; and yourself.

I’m drinking it as I write this. Inspired to write and write. To build and build. To create something long standing and great.

Some people don’t drink coffee. Never have. I went on a podcast a few days ago with somebody who had never consumed it, not even once, in his life.

That’s fine.

Some people do great without it.

But for others, especially those who are naturally inspired, it’s the greatest natural boon.

It’s worth thinking about next time you have some coffee – probably today or at the latest tomorrow.

How many cups of coffee did Satoshi consume while writing the Bitcoin whitepaper?

How much coffee did Walt Disney drink while building his empire?

To what extent did coffee fuel Steve Jobs’ creativity? Here’s an excellent picture of Steve Jobs having coffee with former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. Or Walt Disney having an espresso in New Orleans.

Just don’t drink too much of it. Don’t have its positive effects become stale and under-appreciated.

One cup a day.

Then decaf.

Don’t take it for granted.

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