My Exact Social Media Posting Strategy

My Exact Social Media Posting Strategy

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This¬†is my exact social media posting strategy, learned from posting for the last 545 consecutive days, over 1,100 posts. It’s explained as concisely as possible. If it takes you more than 3.5 minutes to read this, I did a bad¬†job.

  1. I shoot my videos on my phone or laptop. I edit the footage in Descript because its AI abilities make editing fast and easy. I export in max quality.
    1. When I first started, I just shot and edited everything inside the TikTok app. This is a¬†fast free¬†alternative. The videos won’t be as polished, but when you’re just starting and building momentum, it doesn’t matter.
  2. I put the video into TikTok, which¬†gives recommended¬†songs that match the¬†contents of the video. TikTok’s¬†algos¬†are very good at this. This¬†saves me time because I don’t have to find music myself.
  3. I upload to TikTok.
    1. I use 4 hashtags for TikTok.
    2. I toggle on “Allow high-quality uploads.”
  4. My automation with Repurpose makes my videos auto-publish without the TikTok watermark to:
    1. Snapchat.
      1. The most valuable channel of my automated channels. Autopublishing on Snapchat Spotlight works well.
    2. Pinterest.
    3. LinkedIn.
    4. Facebook Reels.
    5. Google Drive.
      1. Always do this. Having a backup of your content is very valuable.
  5. I download the TikTok video from Google Drive.
  6. I upload manually to YouTube through its mobile app.
    1. I set the thumbnail and the related video.
    2. I use 0-1 hashtags for YouTube.¬†Don’t use more than¬†3.
    3. I¬†don’t have¬†conclusive evidence¬†yet¬†that YouTube favors manual uploading vs. automatic.
  7. I upload manually though the Instagram mobile app.
    1. From the experience of me and my friends, content does way worse on Instagram if uploaded with a shared IP address, such as what you may get with a VPN or republishing tool. So I use neither for Instagram.
      1. Conversely, the only person I know¬†to have¬†well-performing Instagram posts with a republishing tool has a dedicated IP address¬†with¬†his tool.¬†He’s using¬†SharingTools.services, which I have never tried, but he loves.
    2. I add a long caption which is used for SEO and as an alternative to hashtags. Hashtags on Instagram are bad for the health of a profile in the long run.
      1. Instagram is the only platform I don’t use hashtags with.
    3. I toggle on “Upload at¬†highest¬†quality.”
    4. I recycle successful Instagram Reels around once per year per Reel. If it did well before, it’ll likely do well again.
  8. Descript transcribes my videos, so for well-performing videos, I turn the transcripts into TwitterX posts. I’ll also be using these posts on LinkedIn.

I post at least once a day. Very simply put, the more you post in a day, the faster you grow, especially on Instagram.

The Instagram account below started¬†March¬†1st. I’m writing this on¬†April 26, 56 days later. The account has made 224 posts (Reels and images). 224/56=4.

Entrepreneurbeingentrepreneur Instagram growth using high-frequency posting

The account is undergoing a rebrand, so the name may be different by the time you read this.

Me over DM with the account: “Did you do anything special? Other than doing multiple (4?) quality posts a day?” The account: “I did exactly this.”

The account owner also showed me @ChatGPTricks (1.2M followers), which uses the same high-frequency posting strategy to grow.

ChatGPTricks Instagram Growth using high-frequency posting

Finally, I love¬†this quote¬†from @viralvideo.club (541K followers), “The fastest I ever grew was 135,000 followers in a single month. And guess what? I was posting three times per day. Now¬†I’m¬†posting between six and seven times per week. And in the last 30 days, I’ve grown about 85,000 followers. And I saw this impact immediately. As soon as I started posting less, I got less followers. So¬†over the course of¬†a month, I was gaining 50,000 less followers.”

All the data shows¬†high-frequency posting is the absolute best for Instagram, though I believe it’s generally the best for most other social media platforms, too.

And all of this is my exact social media posting strategy.

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