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Last updated December 27, 2022

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For full transparency, this document shows what we are doing at Edwardsturm.com in regards to funding.

How is Edwardsturm.com Funded?

Edwardsturm.com is funded by:

  1. Promoting Sturm Media, LLC as a competent agency for digital marketing. Money made from Sturm Media, LLC is reinvested back into Edwardsturm.com, which raises the profile of Sturm Media, LLC.
  2. Commissions and referral fees received on affiliate links.

Commissions and Referral Fees

Sometimes, we receive referral fees when you buy a product or service that we recommend through an affiliate link.


We use 301 redirects on some of our affiliate links. This means that while a link will initially appear to go to our own site, it is then redirected to a product or service that we are recommending.

We do this so that if one of our affiliate links is changed, we can easily update it in one place on our backend instead of having to go through every article and page to replace it.

Statement of Honest Reporting

We are never paid to write a positive review for a product or service.

We only recommend products and services we believe in. Often, if not entirely, we are users of the products and services we recommend.

Final Notes

We may change these terms at any time. When a change is made, we will reflect the date of the last change at the top of the page.


We encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions.

Contact form here: https://edwardsturm.com/contact/.

Email and address:
info [at] edwardsturm.com
90 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for trusting Edwardsturm.com.

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