I know, I know, you’re probably looking at this number and getting sticker shock.

What if I told you I had some secrets that were easily worth this price, which I could share in only a matter of minutes?

I share as much as possible in my podcast, in my newsletter, and in my videos – but there are some things I can’t publicly talk about.

Hacks that took me literal years to learn. Exploits. Stories.

When we talk, you’ll understand why I can’t discuss these things publicly.

If I didn’t know these things, I would pay me for them.

Seriously, I wish I could share these. They’re powerful, actionable, and simple enough to have lots of marketers and entrepreneurs sharing them nonstop. I’d make videos about these secrets, go viral even more than I am and get more exposure. But I can’t. I can’t reveal that I know these things.

And why do I know it’s worth it?

I’ve seen what other entrepreneurs have done with these things.

One company used one of these hacks to have a million-dollar launch, used that launch to raise millions from Coinbase Ventures, and used those millions to make a billion dollar project.

I could share that specific hack in 30-minutes.

Other companies have also used these hacks to have highly hyped launches, and tremendous funding interest.

Imagine guaranteeing performance on certain major platforms.

There’s more.

I can share wild set-it-and-forget-it inbound strategies. Bottom-of-funnel SEO is an easy example.

I share most of what I know about this publicly already, but many people wish to ask me questions before they start or after. This call is a good way to do so and I will likely be able to answer all your questions.

Bottom-of-funnel-SEO is best when templatized, so a bit of knowledge goes a long way.

The way I think about this price is:

  1. Can what I share make you more money than I’m charging?
  2. Will what I share save you years of trying to get this knowledge yourself?

For 2, that’s how long it took it me even though I was motivated. It took me years of high-effort trial and error to learn these things.

For 1, absolutely. The same hack that was used by the company that raised from Coinbase, can be used to syndicate top press and have the extra exposure generate enough sales that pays for the price of this call many times over.

Look, the sticker shock is justified.

I’m charging more than many of my peers on TikTok, Instagram, TwitterX, and more.

And that’s because I’m better than all those people.

Many of those people learn from me, whereas I seldom learn from them.

And this is the tip of iceberg, because as I said, I’m unable to share the entirety of what I know.

If you’re going hard with marketing and generating visibility – this will save you years of learning. Years of trial and error. And it will give you things that can easily justify the value of this call several times over.

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