The Edward's Link Project

Not to be confused with The Build in Public Project, The Edward’s Link Project is more than just a fun Easter egg on my website.

Linktree, HeyLink, Milkshake, and other alternatives all suffer from the same problem:

Too many call-to-actions.

When I started to get serious about my Build in Public Project, I considered using one of the above tools to show what I was working on, but realized something like this wasn’t what I was looking for. Why:

  • I wanted my own brand in the URL.
  • Having too many call-to-actions is known to result in less clicks overall.

So what should I do?

That video’s unrelated, but I love it.

Out of this question, “What should I do?” spawned The Edward’s Link Project.

The Edward’s Link Project is my attempt at blowing up my click-through rate on social media platforms while also having a link that I can change the destination of in one place.

Since I’m an SEO nerd, I’m specifically using a 302 redirect, as the destination will change frequently.

Edward’s Link will start by pointing to this website. Depending on when you’re visiting, it may still be pointing to this website.

But maybe it won’t.

Who really knows?

I have many different projects (perhaps too many) which is why I need a flexible link that’s easy to change at my whim.

Anyway, the only way to find out where it goes is to click it.

I dare you.

Click it.

Oh, but before you do – if you want an Edward’s Link of your own… if you want to join The Edward’s Link Project – reach out 🙂. Is this a joke? Again. Only one way to find out.

Thanks for finding my Easter egg.

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