I Will Teach You How To GROWTH HACK!

Hey, I’m Edward Sturm.

I want to share my top-secret tech and marketing hacks with you each week.

Things I talk about:

  • How to go on 30 podcasts in 3 months with no referrals and no word of mouth.
  • How to appear in publications like Forbes, The Verge, and Business Insider.
  • How I get hundreds of millions of views on viral content.
  • How I made half a million dollars in two days with a blockchain game.
Edward Sturm's marketing newsletter
Edward Sturm's marketing newsletter

"I'm not ready yet. Tell me more."

Sure. Here are some of the things I’ve done. All of this was with virtually no budget, and instead is due to my fascination with marketing exploits and hacks.

  • Got one million users to a voice tool, which is now increasing in MRR each day.
  • Made and promoted videos that became hyper viral across all continents.
  • Turned a random programming meetup into the largest blockchain meetup in the world.
  • Recently made the most viewed video about the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.
  • Got half a million dollars in under two days for a blockchain game mainly using forums and unpaid influencers.

And here are some of the publications I’ve appeared in, again with no budget.

Logos of media entities that Edward Sturm and his projects been mentioned in: Forbes, The Verge, and Ahrefs Blog.
Logos of media entities that Edward Sturm and his projects been mentioned in: Today, The Daily Mail, and Good Morning America.
Logos of media entities that Edward Sturm and his projects been mentioned in: 2020, Business Insider, and HuffPost.

"I have a few questions."

Ok, shoot.

Question: Do I have to pay for anything?
Answer: Nope! Sometimes I’ll recommend inexpensive paid tools which I personally use. Other times I’ll recommend free tools which I personally use. You can pay for the tools, or not.

Question: Who will be writing these emails?
Answer: Me, Edward Sturm.

What if you could bypass the trial by fire and just skip to the part where you’re winning?

That’s my hope for this newsletter. 

I’m a marketing nerd. These emails are two decades worth of me nerding out on marketing tricks, and personally testing everything. By subscribing, you’ll get the shortcuts that I know, without the time wasted doing what doesn’t work.

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Edward Sturm's marketing newsletter