We’re marketing and content creation fanatics.

Edward, our founder, was one of the first viral video creators on YouTube, getting hundreds of millions of views across a wealth of syndicated media.

After that he did SEO professionally for some of the largest companies in the world: Microsoft, Time Inc, P&G, ADP, and tons of SMBs.

He’s hyper active on Instagram and TikTok, with a combined organic following in the hundreds of thousands.

Across all of us, we have several startups and are passionate across all marketing channels.

Technical On-Site SEO Auditing

– Meta tag optimization
– Open Graph optimization
– Semantic tagging
– Server side rendering
– Single page application (SPA) SEO
– Removal of server errors
– Removal of duplicate content
– Information architecture
– Breadcrumbs
– Crawlability

Keyword Analysis & Implementation

– SEO content breakdown
Keyword arbitration optimization
– Low hanging fruit keywords
Bottom-of-funnel targeting
– Long-form content
– Structured hub pages
– Implementation workflows and best practices

Local SEO

– NAP optimization
– Reviews
– Keyword optimization
– Meta tag optimization
– Directoru usage

Off-Site SEO

– Content outreach opportunities
– Low-hanging fruit page promotion
– Google Search Console optimization
– Pinpointing qualified traffic
– Increasing CTR and brand lift
– Link building
– Directory placement
– Social media keyword usage
– Blogger outreach
– Multi-channel SEO campaigns
– Email marketing keyword usage
– Podcast SEO

Platform SEO

– Amazon SEO
– App Store SEO
– YouTube SEO
– TikTok SEO
– Play Store SEO
– Extension SEO
– LinkedIn SEO


– Client and team management
– Integrations with other agencies
– Working alongide SEM, Display, and Social to deliver highest possible returns

Instagram Consulting

Instagram posting best practices
– Instagram SEO
– Instagram algorithm changes
Rapid Instagram growth
Instagram hook optimization
– Instagram brand promotion

TikTok Consulting

TikTok posting strategy
– TikTok best practices
TikTok hook optimization
– TikTok SEO
TikTok trend discovery
– TikTok algorithm changes
– TikTok brand promotion
– TikTok automatic workflows

YouTube Consulting

– YouTube best practices
– YouTube algorithm changes
– YouTube thumbnail optimization
– YouTube keyword usage
– YouTube SEO
– Serialized YouTube consulting
– Daily vlogging consulting

LinkedIn Consulting

– LinkedIn best practices
– LinkedIn keyword usage
– LinkedIn SEO
– LinkedIn long-form content
– LinkedIn profile optimization
– LinkedIn automatic workflows
– LinkedIn company page optimization
– LinkedIn influencer growth

Twitter Consulting

– Twitter best practices
– Organic Twitter growth
– Twitter threads
– Twitter SEO
– Twitter top-of-mind awareness
– Twitter brand optimization
– Twitter Build in Public execution

AI Consulting

SEO for AI chatbots
– Social media optimizations with AI
– Prompt engineering consulting
– Text-to-image consulting
– AI writing prompt consulting
Search experience optimization

Growth Marketing

– K-factor growth
Product Hunt optimization and launch
– Growth opportunity identification
Enterprise relationships
– Multi-channel growth campaigns
– Automated social media events and posting
– CAC optimization
– Retention campaigns
– Content marketing initiatives
– Podcast marketing
How to get on podcasts as a guest
– Conversion rate optimization
– Vendor relationships
– Market research
– Industry best practices
– Competitor metrics
– Customer behavior
– Analytics
– A/B testing
– Multi-department collaboration
– Fractional CMO services

Here’s a few of the places we’ve been mentioned in.

Logos of media entities that Edward Sturm and his projects been mentioned in: Forbes, The Verge, and Ahrefs Blog.
Logos of media entities that Edward Sturm and his projects been mentioned in: Today, The Daily Mail, and Good Morning America.
Logos of media entities that Edward Sturm and his projects been mentioned in: 2020, Business Insider, and HuffPost.

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