TikTok Tips After 400 Videos

TikTok Tips After 400 Videos

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Here are some TikTok tips I’ve discovered from recording, editing, and publishing 400 videos natively on TikTok. This article is literally 400 videos worth of learnings and practice.

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The Hook is Everything

As I’ve written before, the hook is everything. 90% of effort should be put into the first 5 seconds to capture attention.

If attention is captured at the beginning of the video, notwithstanding an absolutely horrible rest of the video, the viewer will probably watch through.

Long-Form Content Is the New Hotness

Long-form content is performing very well on TikTok now. Make videos that are over a minute. If you’re using a content repurposing tool like I am, this will still work for IG Reels and many other platforms. I wouldn’t be surprised if Youtube Shorts changes its length limit to accommodate for long content made on TikTok.

Script the Hook, Not the Rest

Script the hook, not the rest. People are liking scripted content less and less. When I started, I was fully unscripted with no hook. Then I quickly became hook and scripted. Now I’m aiming at hook and unscripted.

This means I have a great scripted hook, and the rest is mostly off the cuff.

Use Multiple Shots

Don’t do everything in one shot. I think this works for some rare people. It’s generally better to use multiple shots but have each shot longer in length.

Sounds Are Optional

Finally, sounds with talking videos may no longer be necessary. I’ve made my last several videos without sounds – just me talking. I generally think videos that have sounds do better, but so many videos that are only talking are going viral, I now think people just like the rant with nothing else.

The Formula for FYP

So that’s just it. I try to make videos a semi-well-produced rant with an engaging hook. That’s how I’d characterize this new Tiktok, and I think it’s where content will be heading for the next couple of months.

Scripted hook + unscripted longer clips + supporting evidence (shots of computer or green screen) + no sound = FYP.

UPDATE: I’ve since revised this formula after making the most viewed video in the world about the Silicon Valley Bank collapse. Here’s the new formula.

Repurpose Your Videos

If you’re generating a lot of content like I am, not putting your videos on all the other platforms means leaving views, subscribers, and exposure on the table.

Every one of my videos is automatically republished to all the major video platforms.

I use the same tool for everything and have guides below for each platform:

TikTok to YouTube Shorts with no watermark
TikTok to Facebook Reels with no watermark
TikTok to Instagram Reels with no watermark
TikTok to Pinterest with no watermark
TikTok to LinkedIn with no watermark
TikTok to Twitter with no watermark

My TikTok

Here’s my entire TikTok, so you can look through my videos.

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