TikTok to YouTube Shorts With No Watermark

Automatically release your videos on TikTok to YouTube Shorts with no TikTok watermark.

It’s a three-step process. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Connect your TikTok.
Step 2: Connect your YouTube.
Step 3: Create an automatic workflow and turn it on.

That’s all! Once you put out a TikTok video, it will appear simultaneously on your YouTube channel and appear as if it was made native for YouTube.

Automatically publish TikTok videos to YouTube Shorts without the watermark.
Select your connections: TikTok and YouTube.

Connecting your TikTok and YouTube accounts

Connecting your accounts to set up the automatic TikTok to YouTube integration takes a few seconds and can be done from any device.

Go to “Connections.” Click “+Add a new connection.” Pick TikTok and YouTube. Log in as you normally would.

Creating a workflow

After connecting your TikTok and YouTube, go to “Workflows,” then click “+Create a new workflow.” You can customize settings, but for most people, it’s unnecessary.

Turn on your automatic workflow starting with the current date, and everything’s done!

Your videos will now automatically be released on YouTube Shorts as they come out on TikTok.

Your workflow by default auto publishes your videos to YouTube starting on the current date.
A workflow for TikTok videos being released as YouTube Shorts.

How do videos come out?

Your TikTok videos are automatically converted and published to YouTube within two hours of appearing on TikTok.

You don’t have to download the video off TikTok and upload it yourself. You don’t have to write titles and descriptions for YouTube. All you do is post a video on TikTok, and within two hours, it will come out on YouTube with the same title you set for TikTok. The TikTok metadata is even removed from the videos before being published on YouTube.

Optional: customize video upload settings

Customizing video upload settings is not required or even recommended. I, personally, have an automatic workflow going for TikTok to YouTube, and I left on the default settings.

I originally tried adding the “shorts” hashtag to all uploads but found this to be unnecessary, so I reverted all my workflow settings to the default.

Still, here are some customizations you can make:

  • Video templates with custom text and branding.
  • An intro clip and outro clip.
  • A fade out at your videos’ ends.
  • Hashtag customizations:
    • Exclude or only include videos with specific hashtags.
    • Strip all hashtags so your TikTok videos appear on YouTube without your TikTok hashtags.
  • Add custom text before or after your video descriptions.
  • Automatically trim videos to fit YouTube Shorts’ time limit.
  • Put in tags to be used on YouTube.
  • YouTube default language.
  • Optional YouTube settings:
    • Privacy.
    • Category.
    • Audience.
    • Playlist.
  • Get emailed upon each video upload.
  • Video resizing – for example, if you want to make the videos square.

Again, I have no customizations. I used the default, which takes a few seconds to implement, and it has worked well for my 220+ video uploads.

Default workflow settings are enough for most people but many customizations are still offered.

Videos over one minute

YouTube Shorts are videos that are under one minute, so if you make a TikTok video that is over one minute, it will be shown on YouTube as a normal vertical video. Videos over one minute will not be displayed in the YouTube Shorts feed.

You can set your workflow to automatically trim TikTok videos over one minute, though if you intend on publishing long-form content, this trim may be unwanted.

If you’re making long-form TikTok videos and want them to appear on YouTube as normal videos, you may want to use a template in the video settings to make the vertical video more appealing for widescreen.

Of course, this is entirely optional, and oftentimes, you’re better off starting and adjusting later rather than falling into “analysis paralysis.”

Can you publish your entire TikTok library to YouTube at once?

The maximum amount of TikTok videos you can publish to YouTube at once is 10. Any more than that, and you will have to wait on a cooldown period of 12 hours.

If you have a backlog of many TikTok videos, the best way to put them on YouTube is by manually hitting publish on no more than ten videos a day.

Once you publish your entire backlog, you can choose to make your workflow automatic so future videos are automatically released.

You can also choose not to release your previous TikTok videos and immediately start with automatic current releases. This is especially good for creators producing 5-10 TikToks daily. Publishing your entire backlog takes time and is not worth it for everybody.

YouTube Shorts' titles must be 100 characters or less.

Customize your YouTube Shorts’ titles for SEO

While you can put in very long titles for TikTok videos, Youtube Shorts’ titles are limited to 100 characters.

For this reason, you may want to keep your TikTok titles short, or adjust the YouTube Shorts’ titles after being published. The YouTube algorithm tends to favor videos where the title is not cut off where this shows 

What I do: I optimize my titles for TikTok, doing longer text-rich titles, and then shorten them manually on YouTube. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, so when possible, I will include a relevant keyword to get more views from YouTube search.

Do this with other social media platforms

The more places your videos are in, the more views, followers, and awareness you get.

Each platform automatically recommends your content to users based on what’s in the video, what’s in your video titles and descriptions, your hashtags, and the types of people who engage with your videos. This means that by having your TikTok videos go to all platforms, all your channels can grow on their own.

If you’d like to put your videos on more than just YouTube Shorts, here are other places they can go:

If you’re not on all of these places, but you’re making a lot of content for TikTok, you may want to consider creating accounts on the platforms you’re not on.

Since I put out TikTok videos daily, I have all my videos automatically published on those six channels. I’ve gotten a lot more exposure by doing this.

You can have your TikTok videos auto publish on every major video platform.

Why this is recommended

With 2.6 billion monthly users (more than 25% of the world’s population), YouTube is the largest video-sharing website in the world by far.

This, and YouTube’s excellent interest-matching algorithm, is why putting your TikTok videos on YouTube can get you a lot of engagement.

Going one step further, having your videos come out on YouTube automatically will save you a lot of extra time and energy – which you can then use to improve the quality of your videos.

Don’t wait. Start growing your footprint on YouTube now.

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