TikTok to LinkedIn With No Watermark

Automatically release your TikTok videos as LinkedIn videos with no TikTok watermark.

It’s a three-step process. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Connect your TikTok.
Step 2: Connect your LinkedIn.
Step 3: Create an automatic workflow and turn it on.

That’s all! Once you put out a TikTok, it will appear simultaneously on your LinkedIn personal or company page as a vertical video.

Automatically publish TikTok videos to LinkedIn without the watermark.
Select your connections: TikTok and LinkedIn.

Connecting your TikTok and LinkedIn accounts

Connecting your accounts to set up the automatic TikTok to LinkedIn integration takes a few seconds and can be done from any device.

Go to “Connections.” Click “+Add a new connection.” Pick TikTok and LinkedIn. Log in as you normally would.

Creating a workflow

After connecting your TikTok and LinkedIn, go to “Workflows,” then click “+Create a new workflow.” You can customize settings, but for most people, it’s unnecessary.

Choose if you want videos to come out on your personal LinkedIn or on a company page you’re an admin of.

Turn on your automatic workflow starting with the current date, and everything’s done!

Your videos will now automatically be released on LinkedIn as they come out on TikTok.

Your workflow by default auto publishes your videos to LinkedIn starting on the current date.
A workflow for TikTok videos being released as LinkedIn videos.

How do videos come out?

Your TikTok videos are automatically converted and published to LinkedIn within two hours of appearing on TikTok.

You don’t have to download the video off TikTok and upload it yourself. You don’t have to write titles for LinkedIn. All you do is post a video on TikTok, and within two hours, it will come out on your LinkedIn within your page of choice using the same title you set for TikTok.

Optional: customize video upload settings

Customizing video upload settings is not required or even recommended. I, personally, have an automatic workflow going for TikTok to LinkedIn, and I left on the default settings.

Still, here are some customizations you can make:

  • Video templates with custom text and branding.
  • An intro clip and outro clip.
  • A fade out at your videos’ ends.
  • Hashtag customizations:
    • Exclude or only include videos with specific hashtags.
    • Strip all hashtags so your TikTok videos appear on LinkedIn without your TikTok hashtags.
  • Add custom text before or after your video descriptions.
  • Get emailed upon each video upload.
  • Video resizing – for example, if you want to make the videos square.

Again, I have no customizations. I used the default settings, which takes a few seconds to implement, and it has worked well for my 400+ video uploads.

Default workflow settings are enough for most people but many customizations are still offered.

LinkedIn video length limit

LinkedIn has different video length limits for company pages and your personal profile – both of which exceed TikTok’s 10-minute length limit.

Videos on company pages can be up to 20-minutes and videos on your personal page can be up to 30-minutes.

For this reason, you will have no issues with length when it comes to converting your TikTok videos to LinkedIn videos.

Video length limit often isn’t publicly shown on platforms, and can change at the whim of the developers.

For this reason, it’s important to stay on top of length limit so you don’t have to suddenly shorten a TikTok video that you want to put on LinkedIn.

Can you publish your entire TikTok library to LinkedIn at once?

It’s generally not advisable to publish more than 10 videos daily on LinkedIn and if you put up many videos in a short period of time, they may receive less views depending on engagement metrics such as retention, likes, and shares.

If you have a backlog of many TikTok videos, the best way to put them on LinkedIn is by manually hitting “Publish” on around ten videos a day (even on YouTube, 10 is the upper limit before a 12-hour cooldown period is reached). Be conscious not to post videos within only a few minutes of each other so your account is not seen as spammy.

Once you publish your entire backlog, you can choose to make your workflow automatic so future videos are automatically released.

You can also choose not to release your previous TikTok videos and immediately start with automatic current releases. This is especially good for creators producing 5-10 TikToks daily. Publishing your entire backlog takes time and is not worth it for everybody.

Videos appear native to LinkedIn

As your videos are released from TikTok to LinkedIn, they will appear as ordinary videos on whichever page you choose with the TikTok metadata removed from the videos.

This means they may be discovered by random users and the algorithms will push them when relevant.

Videos on your pages will not look like they came from another platform.

Your TikToks auto-publish as normal videos on your LinkedIn page.
You can have your TikTok videos auto publish on every major video platform.

Automatically publish to other social media platforms

The more places your videos are in, the more views, followers, and awareness you get.

Even with no pre-existing follower-base, each platform recommends your content to users based on what’s in the video, what’s in your video titles and descriptions, your hashtags, and the types of people who engage with your videos. This means that by having your TikTok videos go to all platforms, all your channels can grow on their own.

If you’d like to put your videos on more than just LinkedIn, here are other places they can go:

If you’re not on all of these places, but you’re making a lot of content for TikTok, you may want to consider creating accounts on the platforms you’re not on.

Since I put out TikTok videos daily, I have all my videos automatically published on those six channels. I’ve gotten a lot more exposure and top-of-mind awareness by doing this.

Why this is recommended

With 310 million monthly active users, many of whom are active spenders, LinkedIn has the potential to bring you customers, investors, valuable connections, and more.

Going one step further, having your videos come out on LinkedIn automatically will save you a lot of extra time and energy – which you can then use to improve the quality of your videos.

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