The Viral Bible

The Viral Bible

FYI: None of this is written with AI. Other than images, Edwardsturm.com does not use AI in article content.

Oh gosh, where do I even start?

The Viral Bible was created by myself and my friend, Michael Sorace, in Spring 2015. Despite having created many viral videos and images prior, this project was our first attempt at “Internet Marketing.”

We didn’t monetize our videos and images, so we sought to monetize our skills instead.

It’s now 2023 and the new version of Edwardsturm.com is going live today or tomorrow. A lot of what’s in this Viral Bible is not relevant in 2023 and probably beyond, but it carries sentimental value to me. It has no search traffic and probably few links, but it’s just a reminder of my first time trying to make “Internet money.”

As the decades come and go, I will be able to look at this page and reminisce.

Here’s all the content from The Viral Bible: Lessons in Viral Content.

Laying the Groundwork

Chapter One: Basics

Chapter Two: Exemplifying the Overarching Concepts

Section One: What to Do

Chapter Three: Best Platforms

Chapter Four: Simplifying Ideas

Chapter Five: Creating Engaging Ideas and Messaging

Chapter Six: Dirty Tactics and Best Practices

Chapter Seven: Knowing What to Create

Section Two: Who You Are

Chapter Eight: Create for Yourself

Chapter Nine: Authenticity

Bonus Content

Bonus Chapter

Viral Video Breakdown & Commentary

Thanks for watching!

Proudly produced in NYC.

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