Low-Priced TikTok Outsourcing and Easy Backlinks for New Sites

Low-Priced TikTok Outsourcing and Easy Backlinks for New Sites

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I have some big content, SEO, and marketing hacks in this article.

I made an episode about each of these on my daily growth hacking podcast.

In this email, I’m going to share the TL;DL (too long, didn’t listen) about what I’m doing and how you can do it, too.

I’m outsourcing my video strategy for $248/month, and you can do it too

💎 What I’m doing:

  • I recently met with two 22-year-old security guards in Poland. They work full-time and are paid $7,500/year.
  • Importantly, they’re TikTok-fluent.
  • Their average work week is 40 hours. $7,500/year is $144/week. ~$3.6/hour.
  • I’m paying them $62/week to put up one video a day promoting one of my companies. It’s under 75 minutes of work a day. 7-10 hours/week. ~$6.88/hour.
  • The content is simple and templatized. We’re copying the affiliate strategy of competitors, which gets tens of millions of views a month.
  • The content comes out primarily on TikTok and is automatically syndicated to all other social media platforms through this software.
My TikTok content repurposing automation makes it so my TikToks come out on every major social media platform
  • TikTok and other platforms push the content out for us, so we don’t need to run promotion on it.
  • Remember, it does not have to take much time to go viral.

🌟 How you can do it:

  • Search “video editor” or “video editing” on Instagram. DM people not in North America or Western Europe. I’m messaged by several video editors every day who are outside NA and Western Europe. They all told me this $62/week 7-10 hours/week gig is a good deal.
  • Don’t be intimidated by high follower counts – most of the time, these people are buying fake followers so they can charge more. Check the comments on their Reels to see if followers are fake. If all comments are in the same format, the followers are fake.
  • This could apply to other creative jobs too, such as SEO writers.
  • Do faceless content. Copy affiliates for competitors or competitors themselves, and more.
  • There are many other content methods. Something simple and fast is to record 30 pieces of video of the product/brand. Take 20 related videos from YouTube (Google “save YouTube video”). Then, mix these up with different music and captions. This affiliate channel does this masterfully.
  • Ensure the account uses TikTok for at least 5-15 minutes daily. We have found that accounts that don’t follow anybody and don’t watch/engage with others’ content get no reach. TikTok wants to reward accounts that are part of its ecosystem.

🎧 Full details (11:18 minutes): Spotify | Apple Podcasts | TwitterX

I have two cheap, easy ways to get backlinks to new websites

💎 What I’m doing:

  • In search engine optimization, backlinks are life. The amount and quality of them determines how much lucrative traffic you can get from Google. Backlinks are so important that they even allow some websites to copy exactly the content of other websites and rank above the websites they copy.
  • There are many new websites I’ll be starting. I will quickly get to >20/100 domain authority with the two tools below. This score is enough to rank for a good deal of keywords.
  • Tool one: This mass directory submission for $67. You pay $67 and get your website listed in many authoritative places. It takes only a few hours and applies to all sorts of brands (not just technology brands).
  • Tool two: One month of Featured.com for $99. Featured connects journalists needing quotes to experts. Submit a quote, get chosen, and get a backlink. Submit one quote a day on Featured and get many links. My quote acceptance rate is a whopping 78%.

🌟 How you can do it:

  • If you have a new site, use the two tools recommended above.

🎧 Full details (8:46 minutes): Spotify | Apple Podcasts | TwitterX

Bonus: The full story of how I hacked Meetup.com and used this to meet with the CTO of Uber and get wild leverage to talk with whoever I wanted

This one is directly actionable with things you can copy today.

I recorded the below podcast explaining everything a few days ago.

🎧 Full details (8:00 minutes): Spotify | Apple Podcasts | TwitterX

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