How To Get Thousands Of Listeners To A New Podcast For Under $5

How to Get Thousands of Listeners to a New Podcast for Under $5

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The problem with starting a podcast is there’s no immediate, easy distribution like there is on TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, etc.

Or at least this is what most people think.

Nobody knows this:

By recording on TwitterX Spaces and buying TwitterX Engagement Ads to the direct TwitterX Space URL, you can get listeners for…


$1 per listener?

$0.50 per listener?

$0.01 per listener???

NOPE! None of these.

I’m paying $0.0018 per listener.

Under 2/10th of a penny.

Here’s how I do it:

I record a TwitterX Space.

Then I take the URL to the Space (not the URL to the post that the Space is on) and put that in an ad.

How to copy a TwitterX Space direct URL

Then the TwitterX Space player embeds in the ad (TwitterX doesn’t have a way to boost Spaces normally, so this is a workaround to this limitation).

How to embed a TwitterX Space into a TwitterX ad
What a TwitterX Space looks like embedded into a TwitterX ad
This is what the ad looks like.

Okay, but are these listeners real?


TwitterX doesn’t offer metrics on Spaces to see engagement, retention, and conversion.

As I mentioned in a previous article, I occasionally DM new followers from ads to ensure they are real. Most of them respond.

And there has been token engagement on the ads in terms of comments.

So this is good so far.

I do these TwitterX Spaces daily, and yesterday, I had a random person drop into the Space – so this is promising, too.

So, yes, I think they’re real.

One more thing!

This is a bit of a hack, too.

I love content hacks. Content and visibility hacks.

After recording each daily TwitterX Space, I rip the audio with this tool, put it into Descript, and turn it into a daily podcast.

Descript has this one-click checkbox that makes my TwitterX Space sound as if it was recorded in a studio.

Descript Studio Sound for podcasts

Here’s an example:

It’s really that good. Descript is very useful for video shortcuts as well. I use it to auto-edit my TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube videos.

Oh, and I have a daily podcast now!

Here’s my favorite episode so far:

If you like these articles, you’ll love the podcast. I keep it short and substantive.

You can listen to it wherever you get your podcasts.

Here’s Spotify, for example.

Honestly, my output is pretty wild now. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Without a team, I have:
– A daily podcast.
– 1-4 short-form videos a day (yesterday, I put out 3).
– A weekly newsletter.
– Articles on this site.

I can do this because I rely on many content and distribution automations.

I’m the only person I know doing this, so hopefully, my sharing what I learn here is useful.

Oh, I’m also on a 30-day challenge going to NYC tech and business events every day through here. I get a lot of exciting content from these events – like seeing Ray Dalio and the CEO of Goldman Sachs speak a few weeks ago. Or seeing the founder of Duolingo speak a few weeks before that. So the output is really a lot.

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