Seven viral hooks

Seven viral hooks

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An average hook with good content does ok.

A good hook with average content goes viral.

I’m constantly on the search for great hooks for my videos.

And when I find them, I use and share them voraciously.

Here are some previous hooks of mine that got millions of views.

And here are seven new ones I’m excited to try:

  1. If you think someone might think X, but you want to know for sure, this video’s for you.
  2. I am constantly amazed by….
  3. Does anyone else have that one X?
  4. X group has been lied to.
  5. Hack your X in 2024.
  6. Here’s my favorite lesson of 2024
  7. People don’t actually understand that if X then Y.

These seven hooks come from the video below, which also shows examples of how to use them.

@viralvideo.club These videos all got millions of views. Steal their viral hooks for your videos. These work no matter what niche youre in. If they skip the hook, they skip the rest. Therefore, having an engaging hook is THE most important part of your script. Use these as inspiration, but ultimately learning to create your own unique hooks is where the real magic happens. #hook #hookideas #hookexamples #viralhook #howtogrowontiktok ♬ original sound - Yasin

I’m putting this article up as a reminder for myself and anybody else interested in making engaging, shareable, brand-building, universe-building content.

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