I have the #1 marketing podcast in…

I have the #1 marketing podcast in…

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I have the #1 marketing podcast in:

  • Latvia.
  • Cyprus.
  • Ghana.
  • Uganda.

As my podcast, The Edward Show, was started only 2.5 months ago, some would say this is an accomplishment.

For me – it’s a very straightforward result of the marketing tactics I’m doing + consistency in putting out daily shows. 

So, in this article, I will share the two very clear tactics I’ve used to get these podcast rankings.

These tactics will be straightforward and to the point; and they, especially the first tactic, do not require much effort nor time.

Tactic 1: X Ads

Regular readers of these articles or listeners of the podcast know I’m able to get millions of impressions and thousands of link clicks per day with under $1 daily ad spend through X Ads.

Not a typo – I spend one dollar a day and get millions of impressions and thousands of link clicks to whatever I chose using X Ads.

If you’d like to hear the exact X Ads’ settings I use to do this, I recorded a few podcasts on it. This one is the most in-depth (warning: it’s a bit dry as it’s mostly me giving exact settings to use).

I run X Ads to many products – one of which is my podcast.

These ads provide many listeners.

Some are sticky, some are not.

Either way, I get many new listeners every day from these inexpensive ads.

Tactic 2: TikTok Pairing

If I feel I have an especially provocative topic, I’ll make both a podcast and a TikTok about it – and use the TikTok to promote the podcast.

The TikTok will be the shortened version of the topic or story I’m sharing on the podcast. At the end of the TikTok, I say something like, “If you want to hear the full story, I just made a podcast about this over at Edwards Pod dot com.”

Here’s an example:

Edwardspod.com is a domain I bought for the sole purpose of redirecting to https://edwardsturm.com/the-edward-show/ or to individual episodes.

The problem this solves: a single episode link is long. The full link for my podcast is also long. It’s difficult to share these long URLs in a fast-paced TikTok video.

Edwardspod.com – and other URLs I’ve purchased with the intent of redirecting – solve this problem by being short and memorable. They’re easy to remember and type into a browser. So much better than a long URL.

Are these podcast rankings really this easy?

Is it really this easy? Getting the listeners really is this easy.

Producing so much good content to retain the listeners, on the other hand… it’s a bit over an hour a day for each podcast.

  • 15 minutes brainstorming an episode.
  • 15 minutes recording.
  • 25 minutes editing.
  • 10 minutes posting.

I believe that by having a daily show, people listen more than they would otherwise. People tend to create habits around their favorite content. When they know something with consistent enough quality will come out every day or every week, they tend to look out for it.

Here’s a comment about this I received on my podcast, “People want your companionship through daily viewing.” I do my best to bring an optimistic attitude and novel content, and for this reason, I think I’ve become a good companion.

A comment on my podcast through YouTube - the commenter expresses desire for my companionship in the form of my daily podcast

Recreating these acquisition tactics

These acquisition tactics can be recreated for anything.

I’m using these cheap X ads to get subscribers to this newsletter, for example.

Also, oftentimes, I’ll make good videos about interesting software products. Occasionally, these products will have affiliate programs and I’ll mask my affiliate link with one of these shortened URLs.

The shortened URL costs $2-10, so when these videos get hundreds of thousands or millions of views, the recurring affiliate revenue is nice.

Simultaneously violating the rules of Reddit and Google

Speaking of recreating these tactics – last week I heard a super black hat, super not-allowed, and super brilliant marketing tactic. It simultaneously breaks the rules of Reddit and Google.

While I don’t condone or encourage it, I do respect the creativity and genius of it.

I made a TikTok about it and a podcast about it (both embedded below). As discussed, the TikTok is the shortened version of the story, which drives listeners to the long version of it told on the podcast.

@build_in_public ⚠️⚠️ Please note: I don’t condone or encourage this! #blackhat #entrepreneurship #marketinghacks #growthhack ♬ som original - Maiko

Thanks for reading!

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