Marketing hacks that seem too good to be true

Marketing hacks that seem too good right now

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As of today, the TwitterX Ads Glitch no longer seems to be working.


I’m now getting normal results with the Glitch settings:

The TwitterX Ads Glitch has been patched. This is a before and after of it working and now, not working.
If you didn't try it, the TwitterX Ads Glitch previously was getting millions of impressions for $1/day ad spend.

It felt too good to be true, and I’m glad I took advantage of it while it lasted.

So, this got me thinking…

What other things feel too good to be true, which I don’t know how long they’ll be around for?

Turns out there are plenty of them.

So, in this article, I will share my four favorite ones.

Four favorite hacks that feel too good to be true, which I hope will be around for a lot longer, but like the TwitterX Ads Glitch, I could also see going away soon.

1. Instagram resharing

Here’s how this one works.

Take a well-performing video from another platform, preferably TikTok.

Upload it to Reels only (not the profile grid).

It performs well again.

And the trick…

You can do this over and over again with the same videos every couple of months.

That’s right.

Instagram does not seem to care if a video was uploaded before. If people resonate with it, the algorithm shows it to more people.

How do I know this?

All my TikToks come out to Instagram Reels with trick #2 (below) the moment they’re uploaded to TikTok.

Sometimes, they don’t go viral on Instagram Reels, but they do go viral on TikTok.

If I try uploading the video again to Instagram Reels several weeks or months later, these videos usually go viral.

It seems the Instagram algorithm does not monitor the video content to see if the same video has already been uploaded.

This effectively means one viral video is evergreen. It can go viral infinitely on Instagram Reels with this trick.

To do it:

  1. Duplicate your Reel on your phone – so you have a freshly created version in your photos app.
  2. Upload this to Instagram.
  3. Save it as a draft.
  4. Go into the draft through the Reels tab. You should be able to toggle off “Also share to Feed.”
  5. If you don’t have this, try uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram (I had to do this).
Sharing a video to Reels only on Instagram and having a single viral video go viral forever

It feels too good to be true to make the same video go viral every couple of months.

2. Video syndication with Repurpose

Whenever I post a TikTok, it comes out simultaneously without the watermark to Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, TwitterX, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Drive.

I use Repurpose.io for this. It’s $20/month.

I made a viral video about Repurpose on TikTok. It got 1.8 million views. I was sure that TikTok would block this tool after this.

That was February.

It still works.

I reposted the video to Instagram Reels recently. It went viral again.

The tool still works.

My automation makes it so my TikToks come out simultaneously without the watermark to Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, TwitterX, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Drive.

I save so much time with this automation. I’m so grateful for it.

Like #1, it feels too good to be true, and I don’t know how long it will last (but I hope forever).

3. Featured.com

I shared in last week’s article that I suspect Featured will be an incredible place to get backlinks.

Backlinks, if you don’t know, increase SEO domain authority so you can show up #1 on Google for stuff. They’re extremely important and you want the most authoritative websites and publications linking to your website.

The hunch that Featured would be good for this so far is proving true. I’ve been using it daily for the last week and have already gotten a high-authority link.

I know this tool won’t last long.

Help A Reporter Out (Featured’s free competitor) is no longer very good and is now going pay-to-play.

I bet many webmasters and marketers will sign up to Featured, making it more competitive.

So I’m loving it while it lasts.

4. Grok

TwitterX’s AI, Grok, will literally generate any text.

Any text, even if illegal or involving famous people.

It will write anything.

Why is this good for marketing?

It will answer questions about the illicit marketing topics that ChatGPT or Bard will not answer.

Featured isn’t against any ToS, but I did get the tip for it from Grok – so it’s already brought value.

I don’t know how much longer this will last, but I imagine TwitterX will put in limitations soon.

Another useful thing – Grok can be used with a VPN – whereas ChatGPT cannot. EU TwitterX users are blocked from Grok, but if they set a VPN to the United States, they can still use it. This too – I don’t know how long it will last.

Bonus: Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads opened in the EU this week.

To be honest, I don’t know what marketing gems lie out there with Threads, but I know they exist and will be closed soon.

Threads is:

  1. Brand new.
  2. Highly trafficked.

This means there will be oversights, loopholes, arbitrage opportunities, and more.

If you know of any, please reply to this. I always enjoy learning.

Try them

These four things have been so helpful for me and many others.

I hope you’ll give them a try…

While they last.

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