Game changers from this week

Game changers from this week

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This was an exciting week.

The TwitterX Ads Glitch is back

The TwitterX Ads Glitch (allowing you to get millions of impressions and thousands of link clicks for a dollar per day ad spend) is working again after a month+ long hiatus.

I share the settings for how to get this glitch in episode 80 of The Edward Show. If you’re a visual person, I also have a Series on my TikTok (only on mobile) showing myself setting up these ads, saying what I’m running them to, and sharing conversions.

Grok is legit

Grok was rolled out and is amazing, but not for its intended purpose.

It’s awful as a ChatGPT or Bard competitor.

Far too many hallucinations and factual errors.

But it shines at unearthing valuable posts in marketing and business.

For example, if you ask ChatGPT or Bard questions about black hat Instagram practices, it won’t provide anything good.

And forums around this are often too deluged with junk posts to be helpful.

Grok, on the other hand, serves the freshest tweets and threads.

Tweets and threads that previously were hard to access with TwitterX’s broken search functionality (if you’ve ever tried searching TwitterX for content, you know the search is awful).

I convinced somebody on TwitterX to try Grok and he said it's worth the money as it is giving him marketing results
Grok, as a search platform, is very useful so far. And if you’re not in the US, you can still access it with a VPN.
@build_in_public Grok is a dramatic level-up in knowledge. It shows Tweets that are hard to find with normal Twitter Search. Tweets that contain info that ChatGPT will not tell you. For creative marketing strategies, this is a game changer. #growthhacking #seo #marketingsecrets #startups ♬ Glawio - Com Truise

SEO alpha with Featured.com

There’s hype in the SEO community around this tool.

I shared it myself in a recent newsletter but didn’t realize how good it is.

I came across it again when asking Grok questions about SEO.

If you’re doing search engine optimization, you need backlinks. Backlinks make your website more authoritative in the eyes of Google. This authority allows you to show up #1 on Google for more searches.

Grok showed me this tweet:

Somebody on TwitterX sharing how he got 45 backlinks in one month with Featured.com's paid tier
So, I did some more searching. I came across these tweets:
Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is going pay to play and Featured.com looks to take its place
A 100% link-building success rate with Featured.com

Then I looked at my own usage of this tool with only the free tier:

My personal search engine optimization 75% link-building success rate with Featured.com

Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited.

I’m going to pay the $99 for the next month and try it out.

Just one backlink from an authoritative website is enough to dramatically increase search engine rankings.

I’m curious to see if the tool is worth the recent hype.

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