2 Insights, 1 Hack

2 Insights, 1 Hack

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Here’s 2 insights and 1 hack.

Can you guess which is which?

  1. On brevity.
    1. In newsletters.
      1. One word email subject lines have the highest open rates. Far more than 2 words and far far far more than 3+ words.
      2. In general, shorter subject lines and concise content can increase open rates by ~20-30%
    2. On YouTube.
      1. I received an email this morning from a guy sharing an “Accidental YouTube SEO win.” He posted a how-to for a common scooter trick and wrote, “It didn’t occur to me at the time, but people want to learn things quickly, so my 30-second YouTube Short was always picked over a 5-10 minute video on the topic.”
      2. 85% of this guy’s views on the Short came from search. The video got over 100,000 views and gave the channel 400 additional subscribers

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  1. On content repurposing.
    1. TwitterX doesn’t suppress an account’s reach for posting boring content. Most other social platforms do. This makes it an ideal testing ground for hooks and video scripts.
    2. Neil Patel writes 3 scripts a day on TwitterX and turns the best one into a video for TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc. He also posts the best one on LinkedIn.
      1. If you don’t have enough followers to test hooks and concepts, TwitterX ads still give incredible reach for little cost.
    3. Several of Neil’s best scripts each month are turned into blog posts.
    4. 1-2 of the best ones each month are turned into webinars.
    5. Something I’ve noticed – whenever I read viral marketing/business Tweets on TikTok and Instagram Reels, the video always goes viral. Example.
    6. What I’m trying:
      1. I turned off my TikTok to TwitterX automation.
      2. Instead, I’m posting the transcript of the TikTok to TwitterX every day.
      3. My editor, Descript, automatically transcribes my videos, so I always have the transcripts ready to go without additional work. It’s a simple copy and paste.
      4. My theory is that TwitterX prefers short text posts over short video posts and my video transcripts will do well as text posts.
      5. I’m also considering taking any TikTok that got over 50,000 views and using that transcript as a post on LinkedIn.

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  1. On price.
    1. People are 45% more likely to purchase something if the purchase price is easily divisible by the number of items they’re buying.
    2. 50 seats on an app for $500 is 45 percent more likely to be purchased than 50 seats for $570 or 50 seats for $430.
    3. The price could be $70 lower, but the $500 offer is 45 percent more likely to be purchased because the price is easily divisible by 50.

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