The Viral Bible

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Lessons in Viral Content


This program was originally a paid video series on how to make viral content (videos mainly, but also images and even products), which we were fortunate enough to see success with.

For a variety of reasons, we’ve now made it entirely free.

Before starting, make sure to download our eBook, created as a complement to the videos:

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Chapter One: Basics

Basics of going viral: definitions, motivation, and program summary.

Chapter Two: Exemplifying the Overarching Concepts

Examples of viral videos and viral images, and the lessons we can gather from them.


Chapter Three: Best Platforms

Great platforms to use to go viral and the pros and cons of each.

Chapter Four: Simplifying Ideas

Why making content as simple as possible is very important in going viral.

Chapter Five: Creating Engaging Ideas and Messaging

How to create engaging ideas and engaging messaging.

Chapter Six: Dirty Tactics and Best Practices

Dirty tactics and best practices that you can use to make viral content.

Chapter Seven: Knowing What to Create

How to become attuned to what content does well in general and in a specific niche.


Chapter Eight: Create for Yourself

The importance of creating content for your own amusement and how doing this will drastically improve your results.

Chapter Nine: Authenticity

The importance of having content match your vision and how a good idea, if executed poorly, won't get the results it deserves.


You didn’t think we were done, did you?

We have quite a few goodies here for you.

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Awesome, let’s continue on to the bonus videos.

Bonus Chapter

What to do once your content is going viral in order to maximize its shares and longevity.

Viral Video Breakdown & Commentary

Commentary on the viral video, 'Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City,' by its co-producer and editor.

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Edward Sturm | Michael Sorace

Proudly produced in NYC.