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Bridging the Gap Between Organic and Branded Content

By Christine Oakes, for Edwardsturm.com. If you haven’t yet noticed, Cannes Lions just took place last week in the South of France. It’s a week-long festival that celebrates creativity within the communications industry. Receiving a Cannes Lions award is essentially the equivalent of winning an Oscar for advertising creatives. While the world is undeniably a…

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Measuring Sponsored Content

By Roger Wu, for Edwardsturm.com. Native Sponsored Content has become a hot topic over the past few months. Everyone from gossip publishers to the U.S. government has dipped their toe into the sponsored content conversation. First, what is sponsored content and why has it become so interesting? What is Sponsored Content? Sponsored content is not…

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How Should You Promote Your Content?

By Michael Harbron, for Edwardsturm.com. When ultimately the end of the funnel is money, I often question businesses outside of the publishing industry on why they want to market their content. I ask them, “Is pushing that blog going to make you money?” Mostly the answer is no. Indirectly it can make you money, but…

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