The Two Questions I Ask Myself to Know If a Piece of Content Will Go Viral

Once you’ve proven you can get attention on the entertainment and social networking sites, 4chan and Reddit (which due to their strong communities basically act as filters for response provoking content), you can trust in your instincts and use the following two questions to decide whether or not an idea of yours is worth producing.

-“Did I laugh while conceptualizing this?”

-“If this is something that’s more interesting than funny, is it so interesting that it’s all I can think about?”

A piece of content will go viral either because it is 1. funny 2. interesting or 3. a combination of the two. One of these questions must be a yes before deciding to produce your piece of content.

Generally speaking, people will be apathetic towards anything that’s not produced with passion. These two questions are very good for asking whether or not your idea has that passion behind it.

Being able to make successful posts on 4chan and Reddit means that you have an innate feeling for what people will respond to1 giving your answer to the above questions validity. Put a different way, you can trust that your idea will be shareable because you’ve proven that your sensibilities yield positive results. These questions then act to filter out the good ideas from the bad.

If you laugh at your idea, that means other people will laugh. If you can’t stop thinking about your idea, that means other people will find it interesting.


  1. Of course, there can be many indicators of a person having viral sensibilities besides that person’s posts getting responses on 4chan and Reddit. I use 4chan and Reddit mainly because success on these platforms is an above-average indicator in a very large field of indicators.
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