A Date with Content Quality and Content Quantity

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A Date with Content Quality and Content Quantity

By Denise Doyle, for Edwardsturm.com.

The difference between generating content and generating a connection is kind of like dating. If you’ve ever been on one, you know why content quantity doesn’t equal connection quality.

Generating a ton of content in a short amount of time is like going out on a date with “White Noise Person.” The person you’re on a date with talks- a lot, and you don’t really listen; it’s more like your body is there, but your mind is thinking of escape routes. Then after the date you never want to see that person again.

Generating a connection is like going on a date with “Amazing Person” – cue the sweeping romantic interlude and image of Amazing Person lit from behind with hair blowing in the wind. Everything the person says is super fascinating and you really want to know him/her better. He/she isn’t self-absorbed. Never boring. Not like the others. You two just connect.

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In less-than-dramatic Lifetime movie fashion, the difference between being bombarded with generic or uninteresting content and seeing something that makes you take notice can be that distinctive.

Think about any company or individual that you follow, be it reading their blog, connecting via social media, or always opening their emails to see what they have to say. You respond because their content resonates and it feels authentic and credible.

As a marketer, achieving what amounts to Amazing Person status over White Noise Person status isn’t done by saying more- it’s done by saying something that is valued.

Akin to listening to White Noise Person yammer on about him/herself while you daydream, putting content out there, even a lot of content, doesn’t create engagement if your audience doesn’t care about what you’re saying.

You Can Put out a Lot of It… but Make It Good

While content length may help you rank better– it doesn’t mean anything if you’re creating unengaging or poor quality content. “You can’t crank out 1,000 web pages with 2,000 words each and expect your rankings or conversions to go up. You have to write really great content. Good content gets the tweets, links, conversions, and higher rankings.”

Amazing Person talks about things that resonate with you. You engage with Amazing Person, follow (not stalk) Amazing Person on social media, share his/her ideas. You don’t daydream. You are fully engaged and you share your enthusiasm with others. Don’t we all want to be Amazing Person? You know we do.

This all sounds very logical, but the reality is that it’s an art to not only be engaging, but unique in what you have to say. If Amazing Person just started spouting off generic information with no point of view or personality, even if not much was said, how quickly would they morph into White Noise Person? Fast.

The reality is that as content creators and marketers, we have a very small amount of time before the user gives up on us. Attention spans are shrinking and we need to engage while also being concise.

When it comes to consuming content, users are becoming less forgiving with bad content.

When looking at what constitutes content that has value and will resonate, we must also be sure to not lose our unique voice. Conveying our content with credibility and perspective is a critical factor when creating a connection with our audience. This increases the perception of value and quality, resulting in higher engagement. Then, becoming the user/viewer/or listener, you want to know more because you care to and because you trust the source. If you’re trying to be Amazing Person, you want Jasmine to trust you enough to get on the carpet and then you want to continue engaging.

If You’re Engaging, Continue Being Engaging

There’s a balance though. It’s all about creating content that truly connects and yes, as written, quantity does not equal quality. If you can achieve the engagement you want with 100 white papers a year, good on you. If you can do it with 24 blog posts and YouTube videos, more power to you. There’s no magic number of touches that can overcome poorly thought out content. With all this said, even if you have good content, you still need to have enough of it across your channels so that you aren’t forgotten. Would you want Amazing Person to only call or text you once a year?

So, go forth Amazing Person and dazzle the universe of prospects waiting to be awed by your vision. By establishing a good balance between frequency and quality, not relying on one to carry the other, you too can create the connection that drives more opportunities so even the sales team sits up and takes notice of your expertise and savvy. Hey, it could happen. Got a wind machine and some back lighting?

Denise Doyle

Denise Doyle

Denise Doyle is a principal with Garner Doyle Marketing, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Denise has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, and Inc. and has won awards from the American Marketing Association and Microsoft for her work. She has over 18 years of experience in corporate and agency marketing, working with small to midsize companies in a range of industries. When not awing the world with her vision, Denise, a South Louisiana native, also likes to make a good gumbo and document her parenthood journey in her blog, “Mama on the Go”.
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