One of the Best Startup Stories I’ve Heard

My friend just told me one of the best and most motivating startup stories I've heard. Here it is, told chronologically. Background Information: My friend, we'll call him David, has free and paid programming classes and bootcamps in NYC. These classes are pretty popular. The Story: -Some kid, we'll call him Ted, shows up to one…

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Why Most SEOs Don’t Know Proper Technical SEO

I’ve come to learn that most professionals who call themselves SEOs don’t know the nuances of technical SEO. They don’t how to communicate with developers, they don’t know how to do SEO for single page applications, they’re completely unfamiliar with the idea of analyzing a website’s server log files, the list goes on… They don’t…

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SEO Is a High School Popularity Contest

A large majority of people who have heard of search engine optimization still believe that it's an activity primarily for hackers and outcasts, rather than one that's driven by content. It’s not. From a very top-level, the way SEO works is simple: assuming pages can be crawled and indexed properly, and a site's architecture is…

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