Digital Marketing Basics: 4 Gold Nuggets for Your Success

By Alexander Grosu, for There are more than one billion websites out there. More than 3 billion users navigate the Internet every single day – and the number increases each second. Millions of blog posts are published on a daily basis. To say that businesses cannot survive without being present in the web-o-sphere is an…

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6 Tips for Getting Hired on Freelance Job Websites

By Garrett Hauenstein, for There’s no better time to be working as a freelancer than today. According to Forbes, “on-demand” workers are now mainstays in small businesses as well as in huge corporations such as GE and Amazon. Today, over 15.5 million Americans categorize themselves as self-employed, which includes contractors and freelance workers. What’s…

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‘Always Be Closing’ for the Modern Entrepreneur

By Markita Samuel, for There’s a popular sales saying, “Always Be Closing,” that was taught to thousands of sales reps throughout the 90s. It preaches always being on the hunt for new prospects and pitching constantly, with hopes that eventually one of the prospects will close due to the sheer volume of pitches made.…

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