The 23 Best Games for YouTube in 2020

With a ton of titles and only so much time, it can be hard for a YouTube gamer to figure out what to play. Maybe you’re looking for games that people want to watch more than others? Maybe you’re looking for upcoming games? Maybe you want mini games for your channel (or a channel that…

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6 Viral Videos That Will Teach You How to Make Viral Videos

Before learning by doing, it often helps to learn by example; especially in the YouTube world, where making just one video can take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, or more. This list is meant to give lessons in what people want to share, with each video illustrating a different example. Watch the videos,…

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The Reddit Test

How do you know if you have a generally entertaining piece of content on your hands? How can you measure that entertainment level? I call it the Reddit test. If you don’t know what Reddit is, check it out now. It’s basically a filter for good content. Content that's entertaining gets voted up, and content that's…

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