Growth and Opportunity for Every Executive Owned Business

By Susan Trivers, for Edwardsturm.com. Executive owners of small businesses, including family owned businesses, have tremendous opportunities for growth in the next couple of decades. The qualities characteristic of closely held businesses — everyone being intimately connected to the mission, responsiveness and flexibility, internal flows of capital, and engaged ownership — are fertile soil for…

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The Reddit Test

How do you know if you have a generally entertaining piece of content on your hands? How can you measure that entertainment level? I call it the Reddit test. If you don’t know what Reddit is, check it out now. It’s basically a filter for good content. Content that's entertaining gets voted up, and content that's…

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To Paul Graham

To Paul Graham, I am neither a hacker nor a painter, though I’m definitely a maker. For a long time I was a video producer, and for a while, I was a viral video producer. Whenever my videos went viral, I would ask myself, why did this go viral? What did I do personally in the creation…

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