SEO Is a High School Popularity Contest

A large majority of people who have heard of search engine optimization still believe that it's an activity primarily for hackers and outcasts, rather than one that's driven by content. It’s not. From a very top-level, the way SEO works is simple: assuming pages can be crawled and indexed properly, and a site's architecture is…

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The Reddit Test

How do you know if you have a generally entertaining piece of content on your hands? How can you measure that entertainment level? I call it the Reddit test. If you don’t know what Reddit is, check it out now. It’s basically a filter for good content. Content that's entertaining gets voted up, and content that's…

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What It Means To Go ‘Viral’

Part of the reason I’ve created these essays is because in my personal journey to make viral content, I’ve come across far too many articles misusing the word, ‘viral.’ If you’ve ever put out a piece of content which has disappointed you with a poor response and researched how to change this, then you’ve come across…

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