Content creation

A Date with Content Quality and Content Quantity

By Denise Doyle, for The difference between generating content and generating a connection is kind of like dating. If you’ve ever been on one, you know why content quantity doesn’t equal connection quality. Generating a ton of content in a short amount of time is like going out on a date with “White Noise…

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Articles Not Advertisements

When writing an article for your blog or a guest article on another’s website or even a print article, keep that article an article and don’t use it as an excuse to flagrantly advertise your products or services. With anything other than outbound marketing, advertise by example, not by blatant promotion. Content marketing, which writing…

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How I Started My Gaming Channel – Inside the Mind of xS4vAgExGaming

By xS4vAgExGaming, for I've had a lot of channels during my 8 years being on YouTube. I originally started on the platform because I wanted to see what I could create and then share my videos. Recording video has always been fun for me and YouTube gave me a great outlet for expressing myself. I…

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