How Should You Promote Your Content?

By Michael Harbron, for When ultimately the end of the funnel is money, I often question businesses outside of the publishing industry on why they want to market their content. I ask them, “Is pushing that blog going to make you money?” Mostly the answer is no. Indirectly it can make you money, but…

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Maximizing In Person Influencer Partnerships for Brand Awareness

By Megan Shroy, for Influencer endorsements have the power to inspire consumers. Whether it’s social media and digital influencers or classic Hollywood A-listers, these partnerships increase the visibility of PR programs and typically generate content that can be leveraged across multiple channels. While partnering with celebrities doesn't come without risks, there are hundreds of…

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Articles Not Advertisements

When writing an article for your blog or a guest article on another’s website or even a print article, keep that article an article and don’t use it as an excuse to flagrantly advertise your products or services. With anything other than outbound marketing, advertise by example, not by blatant promotion. Content marketing, which writing…

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