Welcome Back, Edward

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Welcome Back, Edward

It’s been over 7 months since I’ve really returned to Edwarsturm.com – game development is intense!

I am extremely proud with what we’ve done with this website.

What originally started as a website to advertise my own services grew into something that has helped tens of thousands of people.

As of recently, with our educational content geared towards marketing, business, and media professionals, and to those wanting to learn, we surpassed over 100,000 total visitors.

Edwardsturm.com recently surpassed over 100 thousand views.

Most of these views come purely from SEO and word-of-mouth, a large accomplishment as the marketing, business, and media education content landscape is saturated and has been for years. To get 100,000 views in this vertical of content, takes real experience and perseverance.

My main focus will continue to be on blockchain and video games, however, I don’t want this website to fall to dust.

Future Plans

Our plans for the future with this website are:

  • Increase the staff and outsource more.
  • Fulfill the backlog of people wanting to write articles for Edwardsturm.com and more relentlessly put out content.
  • Continue to focus on quality and teaching others.

Realistically, I hope within the next 6 months, these goals become close to realized.

Glad to be saying hi again. More to come soon.

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Edward Sturm

Edward Sturm is an SEO and video and image producer.

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