Using Video to Increase Conversions If I Had an Ecommerce Website

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Using Video to Increase Conversions If I Had an Ecommerce Website

I learned today that videos of products make potential buyers 144% more likely to purchase.

It is mind-numbingly cheap to make a simple product video that is good enough to increase conversion.

Here’s what you need:

  • Lights and a mic.
  • A reviewer or even just a narrator.
  • An apple or another common object to compare size against.

If you want to get cheaper, a video like this could be made with just a cell phone.

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Put into Practice, Here’s What I Would Do with Video If I Had an Ecommerce Website

If there aren’t many product offerings:

Create a fake review channel. Review a lot of different products that I have lying around. This isn’t meant to grow the channel, but increase its legitimacy (this channel exists to make videos for the products on my ecommerce website, but I’m hiding that it is affiliated with my website). All the products on the website are reviewed positively in a format similar to what’s listed above.

I would also create a channel like what is below. So then there becomes two videos for each product.

If there are many product offerings (too many to do review videos for) and/or product variations:

Remove the narrator from the equation. Name this channel with your website name.

These videos are not review videos and there aren’t videos for other products on the channel. These videos serve to only show what the product looks like in a 3D environment, maybe with the camera panning around the product, and a size comparison. If the product has some sort of use, it would be shown being used. What’s important is that shot complexity and production time be completely minimized.

Everything would be done in a standardized assembly line format, with little creativity and thought involved. Each video would link to the item on the website.

Each video would make the product look beautiful. These videos would be embedded on the product page.

Depending on the number of products, I would make videos for each product, including each product version. If there are too many products to do different versions (such as color), then I would only make a video for the base product.

It’s my belief that the ROI on these activities would completely justify the low video production costs.

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