Using a Chart to Show Inefficiencies in Web Development with No SEO

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Using a Chart to Show Inefficiencies in Web Development with No SEO

Tonight I went to a software development operations’ meetup and was given a brand new way of explaining the benefits of SEO.

The presenter discussed his experience with enterprise level clients and how they’re very slow to implement and change their processes. After the presentation, I went up to him, and asked him how he gets around this. I explained my personal frustrations with clients who are slow to implement and asked for a recommendation on how to best explain things to multiple parties.

He told me how he would demand that the necessary people from the client would be gathered into a room together (saying exactly who he needed); and if these people weren’t gathered just like he asked, he wouldn’t work with the client. He was very confident that his way was the best way and did not want to compromise.

Once in the room with these people, he would draw a variation of a flowchart on a whiteboard, indicating how inefficiencies in the clients’ current development processes are leading to usually an ~90%+ waste in time. Literally enterprise clients’ development teams who aren’t using current best practices are wasting 90%+ of their time.

He drew this live, using audience participation, and then would draw the enhanced strategy, and show the estimated time saved.

I realized that I could incorporate this for explaining search engine optimization, both to SMBs who don’t get it, and to enterprise clients.

My Example, Adapted for SEO

Below I have a very cursory example.

In the future, each of the boxes’ components will have their own box. Each party, for example, will have its own box and connect to the Information Architecture box using lines that are different from the implementation lines. Again, this is just an example.

When I have some free time, this is something I want to further build out, and perhaps even post.

A cursory chart showing the time and traffic efficiencies that can be saved when using search engine optimization best practices in the initial development and implementation of a website.

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