Submitting Sitemaps to Google Search Console: Submit Children or Not?

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Submitting Sitemaps to Google Search Console: Submit Children or Not?

I’m currently exploring if it’s a better best practice to submit sitemap children (that is, items that are nested under the main sitemap) to the Google Search Console rather than a sitemap index.

After changing my website’s information architecture and URL structure, I waited too long to implement 301 redirects and remedy 404ing pages. As a result, I lost all my search traffic.

Now here’s why I’m thinking it’s a better idea to submit sitemap children than a full-on sitemap_index.xml file.

I submitted my sitemap_index.xml file several days ago (after implementing all necessary 301 redirects) and found Google Search Console wasn’t recognizing the amount of pages submitted. Last night I noticed this, removed the sitemap_index.xml file and submitted only the sitemap children: XML sitemap index file generated by Yoast

The children files were quickly taken count of:

Google Search Console sitemap children submitted on 3.19.17 are having their pages recognized and indexed

The next day my pages started ranking in the SERPs again:

Google Search traffic returning to on 3.20.17 - as taken from the Jetpack WordPress Plugin

I’m using Yoast SEO to generate my sitemap, and am wondering if there’s an issue with the URL structure of the sitemap index – would a plain sitemap.xml be more effective? Does it make no difference?

The reality is it’s difficult to tell whether or not my rankings returned as a result of submitting the sitemap children or because the necessary amount of time had elapsed for Google to begin ranking my pages again.

Importantly, I published a lot of new content to my website both yesterday and today. This also could have made a large difference in Google’s crawl and index frequency.

My general conclusion about this is that without more tests, it’s impossible to know, but as a best practice, if I don’t see a sitemap_index.xml file (or just a sitemap.xml for that matter) having its pages indexed, I’m going to remove the sitemap from Google Search Console and only submit its children (only the first nested items).

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