SEO Consulting Benefits

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SEO Consulting Benefits

I was recently advised on making more of an effort on selling SEO consulting by its benefits, rather than by the features that are provided in the consulting.

For starters, saying my hourly rate is perceived as a feature. A feature doesn’t explain what benefits there are, it explains what’s being done.

I thought about this and realized that in my sales that closed, I did in fact emphasize benefits. With this in mind, for my own recollection, I wrote out benefits to SEO consulting and listed them below. Again, this exists purely so that next time a potential client asks me what “I do with SEO,” I’ll say the below instead of saying, “I do a tech audit!”

  • Quarter over quarter organic search traffic growth.
  • Front page rankings of strategic keywords, especially ones that lead to conversions.
  • Discovery of new keywords that, if ranking well for, would lead to increased relevant traffic and increased conversions.
  • Increased local conversions.
  • Increased brand authority (helping to increase conversions) due to:
    • Ranking well for top-of-funnel educational keywords.
      • Turns a brand into a crucial resource.
    • Ranking well for bottom-of-funnel keywords that are of strategic importance.
  • Increased user flow between pages; conversion rate optimization increases.
  • Maintaining organic search traffic throughout a site migration or relaunch.
  • Fixing organic search traffic that may have decreased in the past for whatever reason.

For a more detailed version of what to expect from SEO services, as well as average pricing, and how to vet your SEO, please click here.

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