Increasing Site Speed: Important Reminders

Most important, this tool is way better than Google's PageSpeed Insights. Default settings throttle connection when testing. To remove throttling, change to Native Connection (No Traffic Shaping) in advanced settings. Compress images before uploading. WP Smush plugin (Wordpress). Turn on HTTP compression (GZIP). Most hosting providers will do this automatically. If, for some…

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Submitting Sitemaps to Google Search Console: Submit Children or Not?

I’m currently exploring if it’s a better best practice to submit sitemap children (that is, items that are nested under the main sitemap) to the Google Search Console rather than a sitemap index. After changing my website’s information architecture and URL structure, I waited too long to implement 301 redirects and remedy 404ing pages. As…

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Brett Cohen to Narrate My Essays

Last night I realized that it would be more exciting and efficient to have experienced voice actors with their own equipment narrate my marketing and content creation essays, as opposed to doing it myself, which is what I was previously doing. Looking around online for a voice actor, I was disappointed- most were either character…

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