Brett Cohen to Narrate My Essays

Brett Cohen sitting in a movie theater with a big tub of popcorn and a large beer. Microphones dot the sides of the picture.

Brett Cohen to Narrate My Essays

Last night I realized that it would be more exciting and efficient to have experienced voice actors with their own equipment narrate my marketing and content creation essays, as opposed to doing it myself, which is what I was previously doing.

Looking around online for a voice actor, I was disappointed- most were either character actors or were far too expensive. Asking Brett for his opinion on one actor in particular, Brett told me that he would do it himself.

Brett has a wide range of narration experience, has a great voice for TV and radio, and is somebody who I trust to do a good job on projects. I’m very excited to have him narrate this essay on SEO, and then hopefully many more to come.

Brett, if you have a Google Alert set up on your name, I’m looking forward to your narration! In terms of direction, I think it would be great to have the essay read in the same style that audiobooks are read, but if you have something different in mind, let me know.

Another close friend and colleague, Michael Sorace, who I created The Viral Bible with, also has a great voice and professional audio equipment. In the future, I could see both him and Brett narrating my essays.

I really love the idea of involving my friends and having them narrate these.

I also strongly believe that it’s important to continue narrating these essays, as they’re all text heavy, seldom have section headers, and never have images in the body. Narration makes it easy to listen to on the go, or just to consume in general. It’s an iteration on Paul Graham’s original style, and one that I feel very confident in.

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