Using a Chart to Show Inefficiencies in Web Development with No SEO

Tonight I went to a software development operations' meetup and was given a brand new way of explaining the benefits of SEO. The presenter discussed his experience with enterprise level clients and how they're very slow to implement and change their processes. After the presentation, I went up to him, and asked him how he…

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Using Video to Increase Conversions If I Had an Ecommerce Website

I learned today that videos of products make potential buyers 144% more likely to purchase. It is mind-numbingly cheap to make a simple product video that is good enough to increase conversion. Here’s what you need: Lights and a mic. A reviewer or even just a narrator. An apple or another common object to compare…

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Things I’ve Learned About Networking to Sell a Service

I assume that this is going to be rather fluid list- changing over the coming months as I learn new nuances that I'd like to remember. Selling a service is very different from selling a product. Selling SEO consulting services (which I sell), for example, is quite a different process from selling a house or…

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