Michael Sorace – Bio

Michael Sorace, behind a camera, reviewing footage with Edward Sturm and David Labuguen. During the filming of the Millennial High Art CBC video.

Though he often flies under the radar, Michael Sorace is one of the most talented videographers in the greater New York City area.

He’s produced long documentaries, viral comedy videos, world record videos, social commentary stunts, serialized videos, and flash mob videos.

With Edward Sturm, Michael has co-produced the entire CBC video series, the entire Cut Dat video series, The Viral Bible, and countless one-off productions. These videos have totaled over 200,000,000 views with syndication.

In his spare time, he is also an actor, bodybuilder, model, street racer, and voice actor- even having narrated some of the Essays on this website.

See some of his work below and learn more about him.

Some Videos

My YouTube Neighbors Stole From Me – 2017

In this 45-minute documentary, Michael discusses how Fort Lee, NJ was the birthplace of Hollywood, and how it’s devolved into what Michael views as being lowbrow entertainment in the form of trite and cliché YouTube shorts.

He highlights this with his own personal journey, having successful YouTube assets copied by his neighbors, who are also in the YouTube business.

Fake Celebrity Pranks NYC – 2012

Michael co-produced, edited, and helped to film this video- showing just how celebrity focused and easily manipulated society has become.

In the video we see Brett Cohen, a colleague, fooling all of Times Square into thinking he’s a world class celebrity by walking through it with fake bodyguards, fake paparazzi, a fake assistant, and a fake publicist. The video has received 6.5 million views since its release.

Corporate Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Series – 2011-2014

In one of his first forays into YouTube, Michael created the Corporate Broadcasting Corporation, a luxury subversive lifestyle brand and video series. The above video, Raise Your Weapon, was one of the first dubstep music videos ever made and was featured at the time in many of the biggest online dubstep publications.

Below are also some photos from the CBC Employee Photo Series.

A welding masked figure in a tie and wetsuit is seen emerging from the ocean during sunrise. There's a boat in the far distance. The caption reads, "CBC | pioneering."

A welding masked figure in a tuxedo sits on a plush couch with a gold leaf wall. The caption reads, "CBC | urbanity."

A welding masked figure in a tracksuit is running, stretching, and drinking water. The photo is in black and white and features three scenes. The caption reads, "CBC | versatility."

The Cohen Variations Played by Simone Dinnerstein – 2013

Though he’s very selective with paid assignments, the above video is an example of the quality he delivers when he does take one on. The video is part of a series and was made for Grand Piano Passion. The series features Simone Dinnerstein, one of the top concert pianists in the world, playing in her home studio and being interviewed.


Michael has acted in many videos, some which can be viewed below.

Millennial High Art – 2014

In addition to co-producing this video, Michael hosted it as well. The video depicts how Millennials have a different version of art than previous generations. Michael introduces the female models, gets spat on, and outros the video.

Cut Dat – Series – 2014-2016

This video series, again which Michael co-produced, depicts a world in which the fictional and nonsensical sport of spoon cutting is as popular as golf or basketball. Michael stars in the series, playing an aging sports icon who is unable to cope with his recent losses.

The beginning of the series shows him exiting his peak and heading into a death spiral of drug and alcohol abuse, cheating, and a family being torn apart. The rest of the series shows him trying to resist this adversity and find his former glory.


A hobbyist bodybuilder, Michael has also done modeling work. See some of his photos below.

A headshot of Michael Sorace. Black and white.
Michael Sorace, posing in a captain's outfit, framed with an ornate golden frame in a garage.
Michael Sorace, dressed in Saint Laurent, taking a selfie in a luxurious red mirrored room in a 5 star hotel.
Michael Sorace sits in a large, luxurious, standing cultured marble bathtub in the Boston W penthouse suite.
A black and white bodybuilding photo of Michael Sorace flexing his muscles.
Michael Sorace, shirtless, jumping onto a bed in the NYC Meatpacking Standard Hotel.

Butter Lettuce Party In Real Life – 2013

Here’s Michael starring in a promotional video for the Cartoon Hangover series, Bravest Warriors. The video was co-produced by him as well, along with Edward Sturm.

Spoiled NYC – 2016

Michael was also Spoiled NYC’s social media influencer and correspondent. The above video is a livestream showing a Spoiled NYC food challenge in which Michael tries to eat a famed oversized ice cream shake in one sitting.

Voice Acting

With a steady voice and flare for acting, Michael has voice acted several projects.

He narrated, along with celebrity guests, the entire Cut Dat series.

You can listen to him narrate one of the Sturm Essays here.

He has also narrated a yet to be released audiobook, soon to be published on Audible among other places.


Michael is an avid teacher for everything video production and YouTube.

He’s lectured at several NYC high schools and colleges and has consulted companies as well as YouTube channels and productions.

The Viral Bible – 2015

Additionally, Michael is co-producer and co-teacher of The Viral Bible, a 2.5 hour long video series and accompanying eBook, made to teach others how to create content that is shared by millions.

Released in 2015, the series was sold via affiliate email lists before being given to the world for free in 2017.

Contact Michael

Though very busy, Michael is often accessible to motivated people. Send him a message using the form below and he’ll do his best to get back to you!

Additionally, you can find him on Twitter here, on Instagram here, and on his never updated vlog here,

Authored by Nicole Bermack.