Promotion Techniques That Don’t Scale

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Promotion Techniques That Don’t Scale

A creator’s attempt at repeatedly promoting content that nobody cares about will damage his/her reputation and take time and mental energy away from what really matters: creating content that people actually respond to.

Promoting a piece of content should only be used to get the initial spark needed to take off.

Messaging people on Twitter or writing comments on articles, trying to promote your content, does not scale. Reserve this technique just for getting that spark and understand that spam promotion will never be as effective as tons of real people actually spreading what it is that you created.

The creator’s emphasis should be on creating good pieces of work and only minimally on driving traffic. If you create something that’s good, then you won’t need a huge amount of promotion to get traffic naturally flowing to you.

A piece of content should have the potential to be shareable- something that people feel compelled to share.1

That content could be a video, an image, a landing page, a piece of music, or even a company.

Next time you consider promoting your content by spamming people or trying to get your URL into as many article comments as possible, ask yourself this:

Are you trying to promote something with potential?

Or are you promoting so aggressively because you don’t actually have something worth promoting?

Put a focus on creating good content and you’ll be rewarded.

The only promotion techniques that scale are creating good content and spinning content into an interesting story.

  1. Do you have a feel for what people like to share or respond to?
  2. Did you think of something that you legitimately wanted to see brought to fruition?
  3. Did you execute the actual production of your content to its original vision?

Thanks to Michael Sorace.


  1. This isn’t regarding bodies of work as a whole, but only individual pieces of content. Bodies of work can be shareable and noteworthy (due to the grandeur of it and the changing times around it), while an individual piece in the body could have people responding apathetically to it.

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