Companies That Edward Is Proud to Have Worked With

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Edward Sturm is not an SEO Strategist. He’s a rock star. I turned to him with a sense of urgency. As executive editor of GOLF magazine, I was tasked with creating a plan to expand the reach of our website, (the largest golf website in the world). We sought to optimize for a few very competitive keywords. Alas, this was well out of my realm of expertise. Not only did Edward thoroughly explain SEO to this ‘print dinosaur’ in clear, simple terms — he offered actionable, useful suggestions on a tight deadline. His analysis of our website was on-point and effective. Working with him was an education. I would happily call on Edward again to tap into his expertise.”

Connell Barrett, GOLF magazine/Sports Illustrated Golf Group

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“Edward is an awesome SEO consultant. In our first meeting he gave us some tips to fix our poor search engine rankings and we saw the results in the first week. Working with Edward is fun and an educating experience. We are happy with the consultation we received and our Website’s SEO is much better off because of it.”

Javier Dutan, Sabor POS

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“As an experienced front end developer, I’ve worked a lot with SEOs so I didn’t expect Edward to exceed my expectations as much as he did. He clearly identified everything that was making Jewel Theme underperform and helped me implement custom action plans, after which I received the results I knew I should be getting. He’s great about communication and commitment, and his continuous suggestions have made my website rank higher day by day. Thanks isn’t enough for his hard work and time.”

Liton Arefin, Jewel Theme

Alley NYC Logo

“Edward Sturm has been a great help! He recommended numerous tools, tactics, and resources that have taken our understanding of SEO to the next level. We’ve already begun to take a more calculated approach with content creation, web development, and engagement analysis.”

Ashley Evangelista, Alley

Logo for MedEdits Medical Admissions

“Working with Edward has been a pleasure.  Over the last few years, my company’s SEO rankings had consistently sunk – what led me to seeking Edward out.  When I first met with him, he took a thorough history of my company’s website and performance on Google and other search engines.  He then diagnosed and problem solved my site’s ailments.

Edward utilizes many different tools to measure important website metrics.  His intensity for problem solving website related issues, and quick response to concerns is refreshing.  He also pools his resources of skillful partners to increase his clients’ returns.  Edward is a true find for any company trying to navigate the daunting 2017 SEO waters and I’m happy to say that my ranks are finally improving.

Jessica Freedman, MD, MedEdits

The ComicsVerse Logo

“Edward Sturm has a global understanding of SEO and marketing rarely found in today’s world teeming with specialists. That isn’t to say he isn’t a specialist — which he clearly is — but Edward’s knowledge of how to use marketing in tandem with SEO is an unbeatable combination. To say he’s a ‘go-getter’ is an understatement. Edward exhibits fearlessness in the wake of overwhelming obstacles, relentlessly working towards his goals. I would recommend Edward for any business that is looking for no-nonsense and intelligent and actionable advising. You will not be disappointed.”

Justin Alba, ComicsVerse

Grand Piano Passion Logo

“Edward Sturm has both a business and an artistic mind. I had the pleasure of working with him when he and two colleagues created a mini-documentary and several long videos featuring the concert pianist, Simone Dinnerstein, for my online magazine, Grand Piano Passion™. Edward demonstrated his business acumen by managing the entire production, including a complicated two-site shoot, in a very timely, professional, and dependable way. His artistic sensibilities also came into play as he worked as a director on the shoots, in terms of lighting and placement. Based on my positive experience, I strongly recommend Edward.”

Nancy Williams, Grand Piano Passion™

EVNT logo

“It was fantastic having Edward come in to offer guidance, feedback, and prospective growth opportunities for EVNT. He was patient and diligent in understanding the company’s vision and tailored his recommendations to both our current and future needs. He is absolutely worthy of the praise that he gets and we look forward to using him as a key resource in the future!”

Shauna Gray, EVNT

Beginner Programmers Logo

“Edward’s explanations of ‘best practices’ and the way he described them has been very useful to me as a developer. Web devs aren’t really taught much about how to optimize a site for search engines. Edward gave me a much appreciated overview and showed me the nuances of optimization, which I’ve been using in all of my projects.”

Alain Goldman, Beginner Programmers

Big Foot Developers Logo

“Edward Sturm is great! In only two hours he helped me position my business to show on Google searches, taught me how to analyze the audience of my website, and how to do better outreach. Now I know how important SEO is for my company!”

Christelle Calderon De Stefano, Big Foot

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“Edward Sturm is great! In only two hours he helped me position my business to show on Google searches, taught me how to analyze the audience of my website, and how to do better outreach. Now I know how important SEO is for my company!”

Catherine Stratton, Stratton Films

Lightroom Guy Logo

“Ed Sturm is the best of the best. Professional, reliable and a deeply knowledgeable SEO expert who’s also a very nice guy. He’s an excellent and patient communicator, quick to respond to any questions and always keeping me informed. It’s his attention to all the little details that make him an exceptional SEO guy. After working with Ed, it’s hard to consider working with anyone else.”

D.A. Wagner, Lightroom Guy

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“I’m very impressed with how hard Edward works for our clients and how he is always looking to provide the best solutions to their interests. He is a skilled and thoughtful SEO expert who looks for innovative ways to solve clients’ problems and backs up recommendations with analysis. He is personable, a loyal team player and an asset for the iProspect NYC team.”

Renzo Proano, iProspect