How I Started My Gaming Channel – Inside the Mind of xS4vAgExGaming

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How I Started My Gaming Channel – Inside the Mind of xS4vAgExGaming

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I’ve had a lot of channels during my 8 years being on YouTube.

I originally started on the platform because I wanted to see what I could create and then share my videos. Recording video has always been fun for me and YouTube gave me a great outlet for expressing myself. I loved holding a video camera and seeing what I could record.

I’ve always loved playing games, but I found being able to record gameplay to be just mind blowing. I remember purchasing an old “Dazzle DVD recorder” and having nothing but that to record gameplay. Compared to the versions that we have now, it was pretty archaic, but it was nonetheless completely thrilling.

I was inspired to do gaming videos due to the first Call Of Duty commentators. I looked up to this one commentator, ”xJawz” a lot. He was very popular, having 100’s of thousands of fans and millions of views per video. I loved him and wanted what he had.

One of xJawz’ videos with five million views.

It’s comical now, but I wanted to know what it felt like to get more than 10 views per video. I wanted to know what it was like to have people appreciate my content and want to watch me day-in and day-out.

Starting on YouTube

My first channel was DaViD46000, which, years and years ago I decided to delete. A regret that’s stayed with me because I had a lot of cool videos on the channel, all of which I was quite proud of.

The name of my now niche-successful channel, xS4vAgExGaming, was originally created by a very good friend for a Call Of Duty clan (a clan being a group of players who would frequently play together on a team). We were discussing what our new usernames would be (our names all had to be similar since we were in the same clan) and my friend texted me some ideas. XS4vAgEx was the best name that he came up with. I carried this name to YouTube and that’s how xS4vAgExGaming was born.

In 2008, when I first started on YouTube, there was never an option to make money off the medium and when the option became available, I was apathetic towards it. I literally just wanted to create and have people watch my creations. I loved video cameras, I loved the equipment involved, and I loved the production. It wasn’t until I started seeing successful gaming channels making money that I wanted a piece of the action…

With time, I watched as all these popular gaming channels became less popular and oddly had the feeling that it was my turn to be on the pedestal. Everybody wants to be famous and make a ton of money. With xS4vAgExGaming, that was originally part of my motivation, but when it didn’t come immediately, my YouTube channel became more about the enjoyment I got from making my videos and about seeing the responses from the small amount of fans that I had.

I never really made a name for myself until I began posting Blockade 3D videos, a game which I really enjoy and genuinely want to share with the world. It was only when I stopped wanting the money and the fame, and when I just wanted to make the best content that I could, that I actually got that recognition and money.

I’m very proud of the success I’ve seen on YouTube so far and am greatly looking forward to the mountains of accomplishment ahead. If you were to ask me how to start on YouTube, I’d really just give you the same advice that everybody else gives. It’s funny how amazingly true it is. Upload what you want and enjoy what you’re doing; the views and the subscribers will come later.

Don’t start on YouTube because you want to be rich and famous. With an attitude like that, 99% of the time it won’t happen and you’ll only get discouraged.

Some people may say that growing your channel to be huge makes you “big headed” or less responsive to your fans, but that’s false. I greatly care about every comment I get, and appreciate everything I’ve gotten from YouTube.

I worked my butt off to get to where I am all because I loved what I was doing. Start on YouTube because YOU want to do it.

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