Digital Marketing Solutions: Why Integration Matters

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Digital Marketing Solutions: Why Integration Matters

By Adam O’Leary, for

Digital marketing best works if you have all the tools you need at your disposal. New ways to reach customers are popping up constantly and businesses are taking advantage of new services and tools provided by social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

One crucial decision that marketers have to make early on in designing their campaigns is which social media and online channels they will need to use to reach their target audience. Different channels have different marketing services and often reach different types of people.

In order to use social media effectively, business owners have to stop thinking about their marketing strategy as silos all utilizing one social platform. All digital marketing strategies have to be integrated with one another in order to reach people and bring in customers.

Below are two client case studies that demonstrate how integrated digital marketing strategies can work together to find an appropriate audience, generate leads, and ultimately increase revenue.

Ireland’s Finest Painting Company

Ireland’s Finest Painting Company is a local Denver painting contractor specializing in both commercial and residential work. My agency designed a content marketing strategy for Ireland’s Finest aimed at getting email addresses from potential customers. Content marketing is a strategy that provides useful information to customers or potential customers in order to keep a brand top-of-mind and give readers an incentive for visiting a brand’s website. Email lists are one of the most valuable marketing assets a company can invest in, so it was an incredibly important priority.

An envelope being sent out over the world wide web. Email sending.

Useful Content

Content marketing only works if the content is useful to the target audience. In the case of Ireland’s Finest, the content subject matter included three main blog post types for customers and potential customers:

  1. Color launches: Ireland’s Finest partner Benjamin Moore Paints launches new paint colors for each season. Blog posts included which new colors would be launched for each season and how they have been known to affect people’s moods. We also created a partnership with a leading color consultant who gave her opinions on colors and how they fit with certain styles. Ireland’s Finest even got her to visit potential customers’ properties for free consultations.
  2. Homewares: This content focused on trendy housewares, products, furniture, and more that would help visitors improve their home beyond paint.
  3. Parties: Suggestions for seasonally-themed parties such as summer barbecues, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. This content included recipes for food and drinks, as well as decorating ideas.

Useful content like this is great, but without an end goal that incorporates different forms of marketing, you could lose some of your audience and waste potential leads. That’s why integration is important.


Where Integration Comes in

We integrated content marketing with email marketing in this case. Using analytics, heat maps & scroll maps, and customer interviews, we decided on an optimal user flow in order to most efficiently funnel leads to customers. We wanted to rely less heavily on more expensive third party advertising services, while also quantifying the retention rate of our content.

Hands exchanging money over a computer. Meant to represent PPC (pay-per-click).

Third party advertising services, such as Facebook’s analytics and post boosting services are excellent resources, but if they increase their prices tomorrow or remove the services altogether, you’re left with nothing. In Ireland’s Finest’s case, we ran Facebook ads at specific demographics in their target audience. We offered some of our useful content for nothing, but for additional content, we required readers to provide their email address, thus amassing a large email list for Ireland’s Finest to use and to rely on if PPC prices get too high. At the end of the campaign, Ireland’s Finest filled up their Summer painting schedule by contacting their potential customers via email.

Local Food Service Business

Another simple idea to implement into an integrated marketing campaign is running a sweepstakes at a target audience using Facebook and requiring an email address for entry. We did this with a local food service business in Denver and helped the business increase their sales by nearly 25%.

What it looks like to go through the Facebook post boosting process

Advertising Giveaways

Advertising giveaways, such as free cookware or discounts on specific products, on Facebook gave potential customers an incentive to click through to the website, which had a splash page monitored by Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the best tool that can be used to measure how much revenue and clicks Facebook is actually bringing to the website and to the business. The Facebook tracking pixel is great, but external tracking is also a must.

The Google Analytics Logo

Again, collecting emails was the primary goal. With Facebook ads providing follow-up marketing after the sweepstakes and keeping the brand top-of-mind, the email marketing piece was the driver of increased traffic and later of revenue. This integration strategy combined Facebook advertising with giveaways to incentivize email signups. With a tangible and data driven goal in mind, we used several tools, all working in tandem with each other.

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Integrated marketing can take many forms, but no one combination of social media, incentives, and email marketing works for every business. Start with an informed goal in mind. Do your research! Then combine different marketing methods and tools to achieve that goal. Measure, iterate, measure some more, then iterate some more. With patience, experience, tracking, and goals, anything is achievable.

Do you have any integrated marketing stories to share? How has integrated marketing been helping you?

Adam O'Leary

Adam O'Leary

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